top 3 reasons homeopaths should study pathology

1. Safety - One of the biggest challenges for the homeopath is to discern which client is likely to recover using natural measures, and which person is getting worse. This is particularly pertinent when deciding whether new symptoms are aggravations of a remedy or rather signs of a disease progressing. A homeopath with a solid background in pathology is prepared to make good clinical judgement calls, such as knowing when to tell a client to go home and rest and when they should head straight to the emergency room.

2. Insight - The disease process, as it is mapped out my allopathic medicine, offers a blueprint which can help homeopaths discern which symptoms are relevant to the case and which are not. By learning the most common signs and symptoms of disease, the outlying and unusual aspects will become more apparent, thus indicating where to focus.

3. Integration - Most clients are also receiving care from a medical doctor. When you, the homeopath, understand the medical diagnosis as well as the information being given by the medical doctor, this assures the client that they are in good hands with you.


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