top 3 reasons herbalists should study pathology

1. Safety - One of the biggest challenges for the herbalist is to discern which client is likely to recover using natural measures, and which person is getting worse. An herbalist with a solid background in pathology is prepared to make good clinical judgement calls, such as knowing when to tell a client to go home and rest and when to them to head straight to the emergency room.

2. Insight - Pathophysiology (the science of disease mechanisms) is used by drug companies to devise new pharmaceutical strategies for treatment. The same approach can be used by herbalists to work out natural ways to promote health. This is where modern science an ancient wisdom converge.

3. Integration - Most herbal clients are also receiving care from a medical doctor. The back and forth between doctor visits and the herbalists can cause confusion for the client. Since the doctor will likely not understand what the herbalist is doing (if they even are told about the herbalist), it is all the more important for the herbalist to understand the doctor’s perspective. For example it is important for the herbalist to understand what medications are being prescribed and what the full rationale is for these prescriptions.


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